Methods of Getting Rid of Roaches Permanently

Are there efficacious ways on getting rid of roaches?  Cockroaches, simply called roaches, are hardy group of bugs that have been around for millions of years already. They are known to be very difficult to eliminate from the house because of various factors. For one, they have developed resistance to the strongest pesticides and another thing is that they reproduce very quickly. If these reasons aren’t enough, roaches can survive for weeks without water and food. Well, even if they are hard to eliminate, this doesn’t mean that you can just let them populate your house. You would need to get rid of them by all means.

getting rid of roaches

Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Roaches

If allowed to populate in your house, roaches can transmit bacteria and viruses in the food preparation and storage areas so it’s very important that they are eliminated right away. Before you try the drastic methods to getting rid of roaches though, you might want to try the natural methods first. The things you need aren’t difficult to gather anyway because most of them can be found in your home. Here are a few natural methods you might want to give a shot:

  • Use baking soda and sugar. An easy way of getting rid of roaches permanently is coming up with a mixture of equal parts of baking soda and sugar. Once you’ve come up with a solution, sprinkle it near the areas in the house that are infested by roaches. What would happen is that the roaches that feed on the mixture will die with their stomach acids causing them to gas up.

getting rid of roaches

  • Place bay leaves in infected areas. Another natural method of getting rid of roaches is placing ground bay leaves close to the areas that are frequented by the pests. The smell of the leaves may be great for Indian cooking but not for the roaches that move out of the home as the odor is very bad for them. This way, there’s no need for you to kill the pests because they will voluntarily leave the house and look for another shelter.

getting rid of roaches

  • Use ammonia solution. If none of the first two natural methods work, you can also try getting rid of roaches with ammonia solution. All you need to do is add a few cups of ammonia to a bucket full of water then flush it through the bathroom outlet and your kitchen sink. The pungent smell will irritate the pests and keep them away. To permanently get rid of roaches, repeat this natural method every other week and you won’t have to worry about the irritating pests anymore.

getting rid of roaches

  • Spread boric acid dough balls around the house. If you’ve gone sick and tired of trying to keep the roaches away but they seem to still go back and multiply instead, you can kill them with the use of boric acid. Mix equal parts of white flour, sugar and powdered boric acid and come up with small dough balls out of the mixture. Place them in the different parts of the house that are infested by roaches. The sugar and flour in the mixture will attract the pests and the boric acid will kill them in no time at all.

getting rid of roaches

Chemical Methods to Eliminate Roaches

There are times when the natural methods to get rid of roaches would not work especially for big infestations in the house. If the roaches in your house are way too many already that no natural remedy proves effective anymore, the following are chemical methods that you can try:

  • Insecticide spray. When looking for an insecticide spray to use for roaches, look for one that contains Cyfluthrin which is very effective in permanently getting rid of roaches. Spray the insecticide in the places where the pests are hiding like the drainage area, trash can, wall and vents. When using an insecticide though, make sure that you follow all the safety instructions while spraying and see to it that you place it in areas that cannot be reached by kids.
  • Roach baits. Attracting the roaches and making them bring their family along, the chemical gel in the roach baits slowly poison the pests so that all of them will be killed within just a few days or weeks. Position the baits in the areas that the roaches frequent like the trash can, the cracks on the floor, close to the vents and the sink. Place several baits in the kitchen an a couple of them in the bathroom as these are the areas where cockroaches usually hide.

getting rid of roaches

  • Roach traps. Another method of getting rid of roaches is placing traps in the commonly infested areas in the house. You can buy traps in the market, those that contain adhesive material just like the baits that once roaches enter, they would get trapped by the adhesive. Place the traps continuously in areas where roaches hide for at least a week and repeat the same process after another two weeks then check the house again for re-infestation.
  • Professional pesticides. In case your home already has a worse infestation, you may have to make use of strong professional pesticides for getting rid of roaches. These pesticides contain Cypermethrin chemicals that kill different types of pests in the house with their residual effect lasting for not less then three months. This remedy should only be used as your last resort though because the chemicals present in the pesticides might pose health risks especially for kids and pets.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Rid of Roaches

The ways to getting rid of roaches that are mentioned above are very effective but you need to keep in mind a few things while attempting to totally eliminate pests from your home.

getting rid of roaches

Care should be taken when using chemicals to get rid of roaches to avoid inhaling them and suffering from breathing problems. As for the baits, make sure that you put them in places that are out of reach of pets and kids. Lastly, try to keep the bathroom and the kitchen areas dry to prevent them from becoming the breeding rooms of roaches.

If Roaches are Not Eliminated

In case you don’t succeed in getting rid of roaches with the use of the abovementioned methods, get help from professional pest controllers already. These people will come well-equipped with the safe tools and strategies to use especially if there are pets and kids around.