How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

 If you were looking for ways on how to get rid of woodpeckers, then this article is for you. Even the most experienced birders might never want to attract some birds that can cause major structural damage to their property, including on decks and chimneys, among other structures. The reason is that these woodpeckers try to drill holes in areas where there are unpainted or untreated cedar siding and plywood. When left unnoticed, woodpeckers can cause serious damage in your property, but right before it happens, here are the ways on how to get rid of woodpeckers off your house.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers


While there are no one who knows what attracts the birds to your house, the best way to start is to check for other insect infestations from carpenter bees and ants, to name a few.  In addition, know that these birds are pecking because of drumming, a type of behavior that these birds are known for, wherein they make some noise to advertise they claimed a nearby territory or are attracting a mate.  Drumming may not be that bad but the constant noise the activity produces is annoying.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

More so, woodpeckers feed from insects, so they try to drill wood looking to find preys, such as beetles and their larvae. If they find a good food source, they may keep drilling a hole that can cause serious structural damage even if it is shallow.  Finally, they nest, so they excavate a space for it. Because they are cavity-nesting species, they need a nesting site, a local home area where the damage can be extensive and deep. Upon learning the reasons they drill holes, you will find better ways on how to get rid of woodpeckers for good.

Use a Suet Feeder

Some homeowner put up several suet feeders around their property to attract woodpeckers. What they do is putting up some of these suet feeders, moving them slowly away from their property so that the birds will be accustomed to feeding on the feeder rather than their house. During the warm weather, the woodpeckers’ plumage may be coated with the suet, eventually causing them damage.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

Use Visual Deterrents

For an alternative solution on how to get rid of woodpeckers, try using visual deterrents to use against the damaging birds.  One of the best deterrents there are is a light reflector or anything that moves light.  In time, however, the birds might be accustomed to light reflectors like mirrors and start ignoring them. Alternatively, one of the most used deterrents is the aluminum foil that people usually hung from their awnings or a few pieces of aluminum foil strings nailed to the sides of their houses.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

You can start adding reflective objects that can frighten the birds, and some objects to use also include Mylar strips hung in the pecking area. Make sure that these light or movement reflecting objects are free to swing to become effective and unpredictable.  Some homeowners make use of flags or windsocks to deter the birds due to the random noise these things produce, but use colorful ones for the best results. On the other hand, you may use metal pinwheels that work similarly as the other objects mentioned.

Use Noise or Sound

These birds may be scared away by loud noises, including bird alarm calls. In addition, you can consider investing in a sound deterrent system, technology using a loudspeaker that is able to detect motion and that is able to trumpet or broadcast a sound created by a bird of prey, like that of a falcon.  Take note though that this method on how to get rid of woodpeckers is quite expensive, and in fact, some models cost several hundreds of dollars.  You can make use of sound deterrents if the visual methods of driving them away do not work but take note of the investment you may have to make in order to get one.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

A tip: You can also buy an ultrasonic recording of a woodpecker in danger with predator sounds and place it in the area near the topmost part of your house. Program it so that it will go off at daytime and nighttime to keep the birds away.  Some models only make sound when the annoying woodpeckers come close to your house.

Cover Wood

If you want to learn ways on how to get rid of woodpeckers, then another option for you is covering wooden structures in your house with cloth, netting or foam can keep these birds from pecking the wood. You can also make use of fishing line that is at two inches away from the wood surface, but you may need to have this setup permanently for permanent results, too.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

Use Decoy Birds

Woodpeckers are scared of birds of prey including hawks and owls, and in this case, they can be scared away by decoy birds. You can buy carved owls or falcons to avoid them from getting near your house, but they may become accustomed to the decoys and ignore them eventually. For the best results, you may want to combine this method of how to get rid of woodpeckers with other techniques, such as noise deterrents.

How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

Use Combined Control Methods

For the best results, you can try combining any of these deterrents to control the damage brought about by woodpeckers into your property. However, you should first consider using plastic netting or hardware cloth to stop damage from these birds. In addition, feel free to combine visual deterrents to distract and suet feeders to attract the birds and get used to a routine of feeding on it and not on your house. However, you should move these suet feeders away from your house from time to time to keep the birds out of your sight.

Start getting rid of woodpeckers by applying any of the tips on how to get rid of woodpeckers mentioned above. Finally, do not harm or a injure the birds, but call up bird authorities in your area to handle their nesting for you, in case the birds have managed to set them up in your house. Learn more solutions on how to get rid of woodpeckers today!