How To Get Rid Of Static

Do you want to know how to get rid of static? People ask about the shocks they experience when touching metals objects, such as doorknobs or filing cabinets. For many, it could be disturbing aside from being shocking. To get started, check below and learn how to remove static from your body.

Educate Yourself

Learn that static electricity happens when two materials get contact with each other because all materials are created with electrical charges found in atoms. Experts revealed that equal amounts of proton or positively charged particles and electrons or negatively charged particles are around. Commonly, they are of equal amounts in every location.

How To Get Rid Of Static

To learn how to get rid of static, you should also know that some of these charges redistribute by transferring from an object to another object, leaving one of the objects with too high levels of positive charge while the other with an equal negative charge.  When materials move apart, they take along charge with them wherein one is charged negatively and the other is charged positively.  Eventually, these charges will combine, and then the amount of electrostatic builds up when the charges separate faster than a material can actually dissipate them. Later on, it results to high voltage and causes static electricity.

Touch A Grounded Object

This is the simplest way to eliminate static electricity in your body, as it will help you in discharging from your body going to the ground. To start on how to get rid of static, touch any conductive material not away or detached from the ground. This will help you remove body static in a fast and safe way.

How To Get Rid Of Static

Another method is grounding yourself by taking off your footwear to feel the earth. You can bend over and then touch the earth using your hands because static electricity in your body can build up on you if you are not grounded.


Static electricity will eventually dissipate, although it is not that fast. You can stop the friction that caused the buildup. For example, you can actually stop the buildup of friction by preventing doing what is causing it. Stop dragging your feet across the flooring for several minutes to start dissipating the charge.  You can also prevent the buildup of static by increasing the humidity level using an ionizer or applying moisturizer on your skin.

How To Get Rid Of Static

Increasing the humidity level is a great solution to battle static electricity because it prevents dry air that conducts electrons that build up static. You can use an ionizer that uses a small current of electricity to provide balance in the lost electrons. In the process, you will prevent static electricity from forming, one of the best ways on how to get rid of static.

There you have some effective methods of reducing static electricity in your body and in the environment. Next time encounter static electricity, you can follow and apply some tips above that will help you solve this problem. Finally, learn more ways on how to get rid of static today!