How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

When you wake up in the morning with static hair, it might make you feel very annoyed. You are probably complaining right now and looking for the best ways on how to get rid of static hair. Check out this post and learn how to remove static hair fast! While it is annoying to suffer from static hair, the first step is prevention, especially during the winter when it happens more likely than not.  If you cannot avoid it and you badly want to get out of the situation, try these proven-tested remedies on fighting off static hair.

Dryer Sheets

Another remedy against static hair is using dryer sheets that will help you prevent static hair.  All you need to do is to rub them on your hairbrush before using it; otherwise, you can run dryer sheets on your hair, too, to avoid static and flyaway. In addition to these tips about dryer sheets and its effectiveness on how to get rid of static hair, you can also consider wrapping your combs or hairbrushes into them to keep them static free.

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

Speaking of combs, they should be made of metal or rubber because plastic combs contribute to hair static. More so, you should use hairbrush ma de with natural bristles, although they are more expensive than their plastic counterparts are. If you are going to use hairbrushes with natural bristles, you can also keep your hair shinier because they can promote an even oil distribution in your hair.

Moisturize Hair

One of the most common solutions on how to get rid of static hair is to make sure that your hair is always moisturized.  It is your weapon to preventing static hair because more moisture means less static according to experts.  You should start making use of conditioner even though you are not big fan of it.   Static hair is commonly suffered by children because their bodies are yet to produce sebum or oil, not until they reach their teenage years. In this case, make sure that you apply their hair with conditioner when giving them a bath.

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

A tip on choosing conditioner, make sure that it is silicone-based so that it can neutralize the electric charge of your static hair.

Part of moisturizing hair, you can also use make use of a lotion, although you should only use a pinch of it in your hair if you don’t find conditioner. Run fingers all over your hair and see static hair gone! This solution on how to get rid of static hair may be the trick to solving your problem.

Use Frizz Control Hair Spray

A great solution to get rid of static hair, a frizz control spray may be your best friend, although they are a bit more expensive than ordinary hair sprays.  When you bought a good hairspray, you can start spraying a generous amount of it on your hair, and then brush your hair with hairbrush made with natural bristles.

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

Free yourself from static hair and restore your hair’s gorgeous appearance. If static hair happens to you or to your kids, you know what to do. Just follow any of the tips on how to get rid of static hair you find here and be frizz-free in minutes.