How to Get Rid of Spiders

Have you seen lots of spider webs in the cabinets and various corners in the that’s why you’re looking for help on how to get rid of spiders? While most types of spiders are not harmful to human beings, it’s still unpleasant and annoying to live with them. If you have kids and pets in the house or if you yourself jump at the sight of creepy-looking spiders, you will want your home to be free from them forever.

Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Spiders

Now the market has an overflowing number of commercial sprays that aim to help in getting rid of spiders but many of them are actually proven not suitable for home use because of the harmful chemicals that they contain. Read on and get to know more of the ways to organically get rid of spiders.

  1. Spread monkey balls around the house. Also known as osage orange fruits, monkey balls are very helpful in repelling spiders. Just make sure to regularly replace them so that they don’t rot in your home. Anyway, you’ll know when there’s a need to change them if their colors turn to brown from grass green.
    How to Get Rid of Spiders
  1. Get rid of their food source. Among the effective ways on how to get rid of spiders is removing the source of their food. Check all the areas around the house and see if their are ants and bugs that reside. If you see them, make sure to remove them as soon as possible as they are those that are eaten by spiders for them to survive. This way, they will be forced to leave the house and look for another place.
    How to Get Rid of Spiders
  1. Vacuum the spiders. If the first two tips on how to get rid of spiders fail to work, it could be high time that you get aggressive and let the pests know that you’re not giving up on them. Vaccuum the entire house and suck up egss and webs that you find. Afterwards, dispose the container bag somewhere far from the house.
    How to Get Rid of Spiders
  1. Keep up with your yard work. Neatly trim the shrubs as well as the bushes around your house and see to it that they don’t lie on your roof as they can be used by insects in finding a way inside the house. Move lumber, rock and wood piles away from the house and stop using outdoor lighting so as not to attract spiders from welcoming themselves inside again.
    How to Get Rid of Spiders

Importance of Keeping Your House Clean

When talking about the ways on how to get rid of spiders, there are a lot of things you can do like the ones mentioned above but when it comes to the basics, it’s actually highly important that you’re able to keep your house clean all the time. Here’s why this is so.

  1. The areas that are taken as home by insects are also those that invite lots of spiders.
  2. Spiders spin webs in garages and basements for cover since they aren’t always cleaned by homeowners.
  3. If you don’t vacuum your house on a regular basis, chances are you’ll find a lof spiders on its corners.
    How to Get Rid of Spiders

When to Call an Exterminator

If you don’t find the abovementioned tips on how to get rid of spiders helpful, don’t call an exterminator right away. The service is pretty expensive, the chemicals that are used can be harmful to pets and childen and since the chemicals kill natural predators, the exterminator will only leave you house more vulnerable to spiders. Just make do with the natural methods discussed above and you should be able to say goodbye to annoying spiders in your house.