How to Get Rid of Silverfish

A lot has been said on how to get rid of silverfish but only a few people understand that there should be proper maintenance despite the methods.

These animals could come anytime to your place due to their nature – their small and they can survive almost extreme temperature. They can easily invade a place if people living in the area do not give enough attention. They can munch on as much household equipment as they want if one does not apply the proper process on how to get rid of silverfish.

1. Going for the Kill

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Going for the kill is the dirtiest among all the processes under getting rid of silverfishes. It is messy and it can also be itchy.

The trick is to put on traps. Among the most efficient ways to handle it is the wet newspaper bait. Tie a newspaper with a rubber band. Wet it just right so it does not fall off. Place is where the majority of the silverfishes are found. Let it stay there overnight. Get back the next morning and burn the paper.

The rationale behind this is that silverfish eat the newspaper but they start on the inside because it is damper than the rest of the roll. There, they are trapped and you get the chance to kill them without being too messy.

2. Apply the Extra Killers That You Can Use

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

The newspaper might not be the only thing in your place that can help you out on how to get rid of silverfish. You also have the ever-present spices in your kitchen.

Silverfishes do not like the scent that culinary spices emit. If you could put a sprinkle on their nests, then, do so. You might find them crawling out of your place once they started to feel the new aroma.

It will also be best to put some on the dark and damp places of the house because this is where they start laying eggs.

3. Dehumidifying Could Be Your Finisher

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Adjusting the humidity level of the house could not be so bad for humans but it could be for silverfishes. The perfect finisher on how to get rid of silverfish is to dry the place up, especially during the colder seasons.

A lot of appliances are sold for the sole purpose of dehumidifying the atmosphere. Investing on these will not hurt a lot, especially if you will be using them during the winter.

4. Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Dehumidifying could be your finisher but for your maintenance, trust cleanliness. The first thing that you will have to clean up is your food place. Make sure that the containers are sealed tight.

Also, apply sealants on the cracks of your place. Through time, concrete cracks and creates spaces in between. This makes it harder to succeed on how to get rid of silverfish because these places are hard to reach. These places are cold and usually damp – just about the perfect venue for the silverfishes to lay their eggs.

Sealants are cheaper than calling a pest control. Consider visiting your hardware shop first before ignoring all the cracks that you can see in your place.