How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Do you want to learn ways on how to get rid of rabbits? Check out this post and discover effective methods on how to do it. As you know, rabbits, when they infested your crops and garden, can cause serious damage. You have to get rid of them to stop them from eating your crops.  Because they are persistent animals, you may have to select multiple solutions in order to achieve success.

Build A Fence

Use wire mesh in building a fence to bury at least six inches in the ground.  You can also bend a few inches of the bottom of the fence to repel the rabbits from digging under it.  In addition, you should install gates with sills to prevent the rabbits from digging. Do not forget to keep your gates closed all the time.

 How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Building mesh fencing is one of the best methods on how to get rid of rabbits especially for high-density rabbit population to get rid of.  To do it, get one-inch chicken wire to make sure that even little rabbits cannot get through it.  The fence has to be three feet or taller in areas with heavy snowfall so that the rabbits cannot jump over the fence.  Speaking of fencing, you may also think of installing individual fences around each vulnerable planting so that you can prevent the rabbits from eating them. By far, fencing is one of the best ways on how to get rid of rabbits without killing them.

 Clean The Garden

 If you don’t want your yard or garden become inviting for rabbits, you can start cleaning it from brush piles, brambles and stones as well as from other debris, one effective method on how to get rid of rabbits. You can remove any debris along fencerows to get rid of these rabbits by getting rid of their hiding places.  However, removing covers may not work effectively against jackrabbits that can use covers located far away from their feeding sites.

 How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Make Some Noise!

Rabbits can also be deterred by noise and moving lights, something like a disco repellant. You can make use of ultrasonic repellants, too, but they might be less effective against rabbits. Aside from installing these repellant devices, you can also make use of electronic ones that can scare them away using sudden movement and noise or bursts of water.  You can buy electronic repellants that work effectively on how to get rid of rabbits and that can be used in vegetable gardens, mulch beds, plants, entryways, trees and garbage cans. Nevertheless, any of these repellants, when combined, can become more effective to deter rabbits away from your garden or yard.

Put Up A Tree Wrap

You can wrap the trees to safeguard them from the rabbits by using chicken wire cylinders around them. You can do the same for vines and shrubs. Have the bottom of the wire mesh buried away from the trunk of the trees and the plants to prevent the rabbits from nibbling the mesh.

 How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Live Traps!

 This is a manual method on how to get rid of rabbits in your backyard.  It works especially ideal if the problem is light to medium infestation in the winter, the season when rabbits find it harder to look for food. Traps are attractive during this season, so they may help you get rid of these garden pests fast!

 How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

All you need to do it so position the traps where there is heavy damage from rabbits. Bait the traps with apple slices you can put towards the back of the live traps.  Set and inspect them often. When you do catch rabbits, you can relocate them five miles away from your home, but check your state laws if such allow this action.

 Remember that rabbits may be carrier to diseases, so you have to be careful in using this solution on how to get rid of rabbits.

 Use Repellants

 You can keep the rabbits away by feeding the plants with repellants that can target their sense of taste and smell. You can buy grain repellants to sprinkle around your yard, flowerbeds and gardens. Alternatively, you can buy liquid repellants to spray on surfaces, such as on the seedlings, trees and flowers. Both liquid and granular repellants can protect your plants and crops as well as keep the rabbits away from your yard.

 Repellants can work best in the early parts of the year before your or during the winter season.   Take note that some repellants may be risky to use on plants or fruits you will consume later on.

 Additional Tips On How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

  1. Identify what the rabbits are feeding on, according to the damage they leave behind. Usually, they leave clean diagonal cuts on leaves, flowers and stems. Most of the damages are or lower than two feet.
  2. Check on the trapping laws in your state before releasing the rabbits from live traps in case you choose this method on how to get rid of rabbits.
  3. These animals are sensitive to strong scents because they commonly use their sense of smell in looking for something to eat and the same can detect any danger. If possible, select a rabbit repellant that has the scent of a decaying or dead animal to scare them away of predators nearby. Alternatively, you can make use of dried putrescent egg or dried blood to repel them naturally.
  4. As soon as you notice rabbit infestation, think of the control measures to use to avoid the destruction of your entire garden or yard. If you don’t know yet, these animals can multiply rapidly; in fact, a pair can make about 18 kits annually.

 How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

As soon as you notice rabbit infestation, think of the best control measure to use to prevent them from coming back and destroying your plants, trees and edible crops. You can choose among the methods shared above to eliminate these pests for good. Definitely, you can eliminate them without using strong poisons or toxic substances. Finally, do not forget reading about state and federal laws on releasing these animals once you have trapped them. Discover other effective solutions on how to get rid of rabbits today!