How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial

A type of browser extension, MySearchDial provides two main features, namely a one-click access to the most popular websites and a NewTab Speedial to access favorite websites using the personal style view.  It is free to use and no registration is required to access, but it can be annoying for you especially that it tries to modify the custom settings of your browser, including your search settings, home pages and load time, among others. In case you want to know how to get rid of MySearchDial, here are some things you need to know.

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial From Windows

Use your computer as the admin before saving and closing other apps and running browsers. You can start pressing the Windows key and then go to Settings before choosing the Control Panel.  Find the Add or Remove Programs and select the MySearchDial toolbar from the list of programs. Get rid of its options from your default browser, too.

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial From Firefox

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial

  • Open the Manage Search Engine List from the browser and locate the toolbar. Launch the Remove option and reset your preferred search engine to any search engines on your list before clicking OK.
  • Another thing to do is to click on the Firefox title in your menu options, and then select the option for Add-On Manager before choosing Extensions. Locate the toolbar and press remove.
  • Click on Firefox once more, and select options to restore the homepage settings to your desired one.
  • To implement the new changes, restart Firefox.

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial From Internet Explorer

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial

  • Locate the icon “Gears” and then select Internet Options. Choose “Use Default” to restore your original homepage settings.
  • Click on the Programs tab, and choose “Manage add-ons” to remove the toolbar in the list of your search providers.
  • To make the changes, save them and close the browser before reopening to verify you have actually removed the toolbar from your Internet Explorer.

Get Rid Of MySearchDial From Google Chrome

How To Get Rid Of MySearchDial

  • Open your Chrome menu, and then locate “Settings.” Start navigating down and click it.
  • On your settings page, you can find the “On Startup,” where you can find the option “Open a set of pages or a specific page, and then click on set of pages, which will lead you to a new window saying Startup pages. There you will find the toolbar, so start moving down and find ‘X” at the bottom. Click on it and then click OK. To verify the changes, close and reopen Google Chrome to see your preferred settings without the MySearchDial.
  • To get rid of the program entirely, open your extensions tab and locate it. Beside it, click the Trash icon and you’re done.

Toolbars, such as MySearchDial could be useful but not when it tries to control your settings and preferences. If you are encountering problems with this toolbar, do not think twice getting rid of it following the tips on how to get rid of MySearchDial above.