How to Get Rid of Moths

These animals may not be too dangerous for the human health but it is always important to know how to get rid of moths. They are not a threat to humanity but they are to your clothes. They could munch on your prized signature clothes while they are at it.

Find Out How They Reach Your Place

How to Get Rid of Moths

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know where they are coming from. You will know how to get rid of moths if you are just vigilant with your surroundings.

For one, they do not grow inside your place. The only source is the outside. Their eggs may stick in your clothes from the moment you leave your place. From there, you will just find out that they are already reproducing in your closet.

You do not have to be too violent to shake this off. You will just need to invest on a good brush to use on your clothes. Before putting them in the laundry basket, at least make a good run of the brush you bought on your clothes. This goes especially to those with a huge fur collection. Furs have more tendencies of bringing home the eggs just because materials easily stick to them.

Introduce the Prevention in Your Closet

How to Get Rid of Moths

The much harder part of how to get rid of moths belongs to Step #2. This is how to take away those who already got in. In this part, you will have to introduce a killer that will erase the existing moths in your place.

The most common material used for this is moth balls. They are available in almost all supermarkets. However, you do not want your clothes to carry along the pungent scent that it has. Plus, using these items can cause several repercussions to the human health.

Find the Best Way of Nailing It Down

How to Get Rid of Moths

You do not have to spend all day trying to kill them with your hands. You will know you are doing the right when it comes to how to get rid of moths when you just see them laying around the closet, breathless.

Now you know that moth balls are not the most efficient, you widen your choices by going natural. Some of the most underrated things that people can use are bay leaves, thyme, lavender, and cloves. Dry all these up and put them in cloth.

Understand that this may not kill as much moths as the moth balls you buy from supermarkets. It could take so much time for the naturals to work. However, there are better upsides.

Clean Up the Entire House Regularly

How to Get Rid of Moths

Unfortunately, closets are not the only location where you can find moths. They are also in the kitchen and in other places of the house.

The good thing is that you will do well on how to get rid of moths just by spending time on cleaning. Remove food that you know you are not going to consume. This goes the same for the clothes that will only serve as a place for them to reproduce, nothing more.