How To Get Rid Of Cramps

Around period time, women experience cramps, even if not all of them are into premenstrual syndrome. They suffer from crabbiness, bloating or cramping or all. It is accounted that about 85 percent of women suffer from any of these symptoms every month. Check out the following recommendations on how to get rid of cramps.

Determine The Cause

Even if there is no one size fits all remedy against PMS, lifestyle changes and treatments can become available to help you in getting rid of the discomfort and pain. You can apply any of the tips you are about to read on ways to get rid of cramps. First, cramps occur due to uterus contraction as well as due to spasms that happen. It occurs as your body is trying to shed in the uterus’ lining when you have your menstruation. You can also suffer from cramps before and during your period due to this action.

Take Over-The-Counter Medications

How To Get Rid Of Cramps

Aspiring, naproxen and ibuprofen are some of the proven tested OTC medicines in reducing cramps, but make sure that you follow the label instructions on proper dosage. Do not take more than the dose recommended.  In cases when they do not work, you should go and consult your doctor about a suitable form of medication to fight off the pain and cramps.

Heating Pads And Hot Baths

When you are feeling pain, do one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of cramps, to rest and relax through hot baths and using heating pads. Your period may be your way in giving time for yourself and body through pampering it with a good, hot bath. Heat works effectively in soothing cramps. You can make use of hot water bottle or heating pads or can indulge in warm baths to relax your uterus.

Doctors recommend heat, one excellent element on how to get rid of cramps, as it helps in reducing the pain due to menstrual cramping. You can make use of Epsom salts, a known muscle relaxer, in your bath. Use at least a cup of them. Soak your whole body in the hot water for a couple of minutes to soothe yourself from cramps.

Move To Get Rid Of Cramps

How To Get Rid Of Cramps

Many women suffer from cramps due to a poor lifestyle with lack of exercise or physical activities. You should devote time to exercise even during your period because this can calm down the causes of the cramps, mainly uterus contraction. Some women engage in activities, including swimming, yoga or dancing, but you can do just about anything that will allow your body to be in action. Aside from fighting off cramps, exercise can also release feel good hormones, the endorphins, one of the best on how to get rid of cramps.

No woman has to suffer from cramps before and during a period, and so are you. You can follow any of the tips shared above in reducing the pain and soothing the uterus. If pain persists and it won’t go away, you may want to seek help from your doctor to learn of the best way on how to get rid of cramps today!