How To Get Rid Of Cats

Stray and feral cats are everywhere, in dark, filthy alleys, in abandoned lots and of course, in your backyard. They are everywhere in rural and urban areas and sometimes are very uncontrollable. Many of them are left by their previous owners, so they naturally look for a place to stay and feed. Now for ways on how to get rid of cats, check out this post and keep them out.

Educate Yourself

A big problem in the society, cats reproduce quickly and present nuisance in your neighborhood. They can also be stealing your pet’s food or food on your table. They also attack open garbage bags and leave a big mess for you to clean up. More so, these feral cats can cause infectious diseases and host to a number of parasites such as fleas. Infectious diseases can be transferred to you or your pet through saliva or scratches. Take action immediately and get rid of these stray cats now.

How To Get Rid Of Cats

Avoid Feeding Feral Cats

If you don’t want to give them the reason to come back, you should not give them food or water. You should not let your house become their hang out for being a source for food. If you do, you will just make them feel they are welcome along with their friends, increasing yours and your pet’s tendency to catch infection they do carry.

Again, do not feed them to avoid them from sticking around.  Do not also leave leftover pet food behind outdoors where these cats have an easy access.  Speaking of food, keep your garbage bags closed as well as the lids of your trash cans. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of cats.

How To Get Rid Of Cats

Call the Animal Control or the Local Animal Humane Society

It is their thing to take care of it for you because they can bring traps to set them around your neighborhood, in your backyard or in any other places, where they frequently hang out.  Call your local animal control or the animal humane society for an immediate solution.

How To Get Rid Of Cats

Buy or Improvise Traps

If you want to catch them yourself, you can make an improvise trap or buy one, and make sure you are wearing gloves or long sleeves when you do trapped them to avoid getting scratches or being bitten.  If you are planning to relocate them, be sure you keep them away by up to ten miles away from your place or take them to a shelter.

Use a Sprinkler

This is a big surprise to cats—a sprinkler, one of the best means on how to get rid of cats.  It can shock them to get an explosion of water and will discourage them from coming back. You can check out a motion-activated sprinkler that automatically releases water when there is movement. Avoid putting the sprinkler in areas where cars or people may trigger its sensor.

How To Get Rid Of Cats

There you have some good ways to get rid of cats. Now you know what to do in case you have been bugged by these annoying creatures again. Finally, get a dog that is a good cat deterrent. It does not only deter cats, but also protect your property from thieves and criminals. Learn more tips on how to get rid of cats today!