How To Get Rid Of Birds

Birds are lovely and nice animals on earth, although they can also become some of the worst pests to get rid of, especially when they start destroying your crops or your home structure, among other annoying activities they do to destroy your property and livelihood. Many of them even make their nests, leave a horrible mess and dropping and destroy your crops for their survival. Although it is part of the ecosystem they to live and survive, you just have to get them out your sight and your property. Here are some of the most effective methods on how to get rid of birds.

How To Get Rid Of Birds

Educate Yourself

Cost of maintenance for a majority of businesses reach millions of dollars per year, and that includes repair, clean up expenses and replacement of machinery/equipment.  More so, birds may cost corrosive droppings into our property, and this can even cause irreversible roof, walkway, equipment and vehicle damage.

How To Get Rid Of Birds

Most bird droppings can turn into ammonia and salt almost in an instant, and the condition gets worse when the high acid droppings cause corrosion to metal, paint and concrete leading to structural failure not mentioning they are also health hazard. They can carry around about 60 different types of diseases. To start getting rid of the, identify the kinds of birds to get rid of and find out if they’re protected by a certain state law. Once you’ve checked with state laws and removal or relocating nests or birds are legal, check out the following sections to help you on ways on how to get rid of birds.

Remove The Nests

Once you’ve learned that such an action is permitted under existing state laws, remove the bird’s habitat to take away their reason of coming back into your place or property. Once removed, you should clean and disinfect the area.  However, some birds may come back and rebuild their nest. In this case, you will have to knock it out immediately.

Find Out Why They Are Coming Back

What are attracting these birds? This is one of your first steps on how to get rid of birds because it will be a lot wiser to know and remove any reason, such as food, they are coming back into your property. They might be thinking you’re very hospitable that you provide them with free food all the time. If food source is the reason they come back and lure their friends into your property, then remove it at all cost.  Although there can be things you cannot just change, there are some that you can to make your home and space an unfriendly spot for these annoying creatures.  Speaking of food source, birds also come back for birdbath in places that collect rainwater. You may also want to get rid of them to avoid the creatures from coming back.

Remove Their Access Areas

You can get rid of birds by removing their access to nesting sites, and all you need to do to work on this solution on how to get rid of birds is to put barrier over your window ledges. If you would use netting, there will be no access to pigeons and woodpeckers, among other bird species around your property or yard.  Speaking of removing their nests, you may want to cover up any vent openings or holes, where the birds are hiding, one of the best methods on how to get rid of birds used by most homeowners.

Additional Tips On How To Get Rid Of Birds

  • For birds In the Chimney

Birds nesting in the chimney are usually chimney swifts, which migrate from Peru and build their nest in the chimneys when they cannot find any hollow trees. You can try to scare them away by banging some pots in your fireplace in order to drive them away using noise. You may also call up the local rehabilitation center to remove the nest themselves. When the birds are gone, you may also call up a chimney sweep to clean out any of their remaining debris. Now to prevent future nesting, you may also want to install a screen on top of your chimney. Use any of these solutions on how to get rid of birds without killing the birds.

How To Get Rid Of Birds

  • For birds In the roof

Locate their nest in your roof, especially in warm places where they build a nest, usually in the attic, vent or chimney. One of the best ways on how to get rid of birds in the roof is to block their access sites.  You can patch the holes and build netting made of mesh or cloth over the vents.  You can also build bird spikes made of stainless steel tack strips you can buy from the local store. Then, you can apply repellents and set up some audiovisual deterrents. They can be bright and shiny objects or plastic devices and owls to emit the sound of a bird predator to frighten the birds away and keep them from landing in the roof.

How To Get Rid Of Birds

When using pest control tactics, make sure to use them in combination with another to prevent the birds from detecting you are faking them especially if you were using audiovisual devices to scare them away. You may want to use scare tactics but remember that the birds might be able to adapt quickly to the technique. Therefore, you can combine solutions on how to get rid of birds for more effective results. Don’t be tempted to remove the nesting of the birds, but be sure to ask local authorities about it. If possible, you may even ask for their help in removing their nesting from your property.

There you have a guide to eliminate birds in your property, including in the roof or in the chimney. Try any of these mentioned above to start getting rid of them without actually killing them. If they’re persistent and none of these works, you may want to call up a pest control company to remove them for good. Finally, learn more tips on how to get rid of birds today