How to Get Rid of a Possum On Your Own

How to get rid of a possum is a burning question of many garden owners. Naturally, yards are  filled with insects and pests that need to be eliminated but many of them are not proven harmful. One good example is a possum that is harmless but if it comes by, it may become a carrier of various diseases putting the health of your pets and family in danger. Here, you’ll learn the answers to the question and get ideas about safe options for you and are dangerous for this pest.

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of a Possum

A possum doesn’t smell nice and look good enough  for you to welcome it as a house guest. What’s more convincing for you to want to learn how to get rid of a possum is its ability to carry lice, ticks and fleas inside the house. If you want to learn a few effective methods for eliminating this pest, here are a few good ones:

  • Remove its food source. If you have a possum roaming around in the yard, it’s very likely that you did something to make them stay and it might be food. A possum will feed in almost anything—birdseed, garbage, fruits, vegetables, rodents, baby birds and plants. If you see any of these food sources, clean them up. Your garbage bins should have tight fitting lids moving forward so that the possum won’t be able to feed on waste.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Trim tree branches. This is one of the best methods of how to get rid of a possum because this pest can sneak onto the house if there’s a tall plant or tree nearby. You don’t want it to get inside your house through the roof so trim the branches making them at least 10 ft. away from the roof.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Seal open spaces. Check the nooks and corners of your house and look for open areas that can invite a possum to look for a free meal or a warm shelter. Cover the chimneys and the attic vents and repair window screens, door screens or deck lattices if there are any holes in them enough for a possum to make as its entry point.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Place ammonia and mothballs around. Once you’ve found out where the possum is hiding, get ready with the stink and bombard it with ammonia and mothballs. This is one of the most commonly recommended ways of how to get rid of a possum which deserves giving a try. Compared to chasing the possum out of one hole and directing it to an exit hole, this is way easier, right?

how to get rid of a possum

  • Make it uncomfortable. Aside from eliminating its food source and putting tight-fitting lids on trashcans, you can do some extras in order to make the life of a possum miserable. How do you get rid of a possum without hurting it? Simply add sprinklers and motion-sensitive lights in the yard. You can also put a loud radio set close to the sleeping area of the possum to send the unwanted pest away.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Spread dog or cat fur. Another easy method of how to get rid of a possum is scattering the fur of your pet as the smell of a possible predator might prove scary enough for a possum and make it stop hanging around. While it can be tempting to let your dog or cat roam around to scare a possum away, don’t do it or they can get into a fight with the pest.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Use a chemical repellent. If the natural ways of how to get rid of a possum don’t work, you can also apply chemical repellent to gardens and flowerbeds. Make sure to strictly follow the instructions on the product that you want to apply because different repellents have varied ingredients.

Other Ways Eliminating a Possum

If a possum is already disturbing your garden, frightening and fighting with your pets or disrupting outdoor garbage cans, you might want to try other methods of how to get rid of a possum . Here are some suggestions:

  • Construct a chicken wire fence. In case your problem with a possum already needs special attention, you can start by constructing a fence around your garden so that they don’t get disturbed by the pest that moves around the area. Your fence must be not less than 4 feet high and it should not have any support with its topmost part turning outwards. Going without any support will make it less likely for a possum to go over the fence.

how to get rid of a possum

  • Block off the den. How to get rid of a possum effectively? Don’t wait up and let a possum make a den anywhere near your house by blocking off open areas. If it has taken residence in an area already, sprinkle a smooth layer of flour at the pest’s entrance. Also, look for any cracks around the house after nightfall and close them off with a small mesh hardware cloth.
  • Set a possum trap. In case the possum remains a problem, make a trap and put bread with jam or an overripe fruit to invite the pest. If you’ve trapped it already, do not just relocate the animal on your own without seeking a permit. It would be best to just contact your local animal control and turn the trapped possum over to them.

how to get rid of a possum

Important Reminders

There are areas that prohibit the shooting of possums. Check with your local wildlife department first of any restriction as to the methods of how to get rid of a possum that you can follow and those that you can’t.

Most animal control groups are willing to set a possum trap without a charge so if the animal proves as a major problem, you might want to let them do the job for you.

If threatened, a possum may bite or scratch. It’s best that you back away in case a possum becomes overly aggressive.

Never attempt to use poison as your way of how to get rid of a possum because it’s usually illegal. Other than being illegal, the poison for a possum that you use can also be ingested by pets and  kids in the house.