How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

There are ways in correcting speech problems, including a lisp, a speech impediment experienced by many people from around the world.  This gives them a very hard time in speaking or talking especially in front of many people. They also find it difficult to meet new people thinking that they will be ridiculed for having a lisp speech problem.  You don’t have to worry though because there are medical practitioners called speech pathologists to help you overcome it through ways on how to get rid of a lisp. Aside from consulting an expert in speech problems, you can also do certain methods that will help you get rid of lisp, and some of those are highlighted below.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

Read a Script Or Text Aloud

If you have a lisp disorder, you should not be afraid of speaking; in fact, the more you stop talking and practicing speaking the more you will find it hard to correct the problem. One of the best ways on how to get rid of a lisp at home is by reading a script aloud because it can help you in learning how to pronounce phrases and how words should roll out from your tongue.  Do not stop practicing until you can correct the problem. When speaking with someone, avoid looking straight into his eyes to avoid becoming anxious and start lisping. In addition to reading text aloud, you can help yourself by calming down or clearing your mind up because some people commit lisping when feeling anxious or nervous. Practice speaking with confidence to avoid lisp!

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

Find Out Trigger Factors

What are the causes of your lisping? There can be triggers you may have to watch out for to learn why you have this speech defect. For example, you may have an extended tongue that disturbs proper pronunciation of words. Children lisp more than adults do, and in this case, they should be retrained with communication or language therapy as one solution on how to get rid of a lisp.

Use The Teeth Smiling Method

it may help if you would practice speaking in front of the mirror so that you can see your face when practicing your speech.  You can also start practicing with an extensive smile that reveals your teeth so that you can be able to see your mouth position and that you can see the where the”Sss” sound is coming from.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

Practice Mouth Exercises

Another good solution on how to get rid of a lisp is to practice some mouth exercises, a fun method used by teenagers to practice in front of a mirror. In the process, you should practice moving your tongue. In addition to moving it, you can try sticking it out and then shifting it back and forth to reduce lisping by strengthening it. Practicing mouth exercises, you will be able to have better tongue control to reduce and eventually eliminate lisping.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

Try Vocalization Techniques

Some people get rid of lisping by doing vocalization techniques, especially among those who have the problem when they are singing. Some experts reveal that lisping may be corrected through a psychological connection of some kind.  When they suffer from lisping, they commonly enroll in a speech therapy program, but you can skip it if you don’t have the budget to spend for one. Instead, you can do vocalization to help you in pronouncing words, especially in front of the mirror. In this way, you can improve your mouth’s position as well as its movement without a lisp. However, you should not take it too seriously but enjoy the process slowly.  Eventually, you will learn how to get rid of a lisp by thinking positive.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

Get To Know The Types of Lisp

There are several types of lisping. For one, there is interdental that happens when you produce the sound of ‘Z” when you are actually pronouncing words with the sound of “S.” in this case, you will need more practice in a slow, controlled manner with the help of a speech pathologist or with the help of a family member.  If you have opted for a speech therapist, you can request for a speech analysis so that he or she can assess the problem and diagnose the cause of lisp.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp

A professional can help you with ways on how to get rid of a lisp more effectively.  He or she will have to check your previous history as well as review your mouth habits and position. One will also have to test your audio for further assessment and evaluation and then will be able to create a plan on how to eliminate your speech defect.

A speech pathologist will come up with a therapy program particularly designed and created based on your situation. One may also help you with various techniques in practicing ways on how to pronounce key terms of phrases while training your speech. In the process, you will also be able to find ways on how to get rid of a lisp even when you are at home.

He or she can make the learning fun but goal oriented and can keep you motivated throughout the program. While a speech therapist is training you, he or she is observing your learning styles and from then is being able to create the best plan for you. Some of the other techniques one may use are repetition or memorization. Nevertheless, a speech pathologist can become your model when learning how to get rid of a lisp.

As you see, you don’t have to suffer from the speech defect forever, and all you need is a little dedication in practice in order to succeed. You will certainly achieve your goals to get rid of lisp totally with the help of your loved ones, yourself and a speech doctor. You can practice the tips highlighted above at home to eliminate the problem for good. Practice speaking in front of the mirror, smile with extendedly and read texts aloud, among others, to get rid of lisp for life. Finally, read and learn more ways on how to get rid of a lisp today!