Get Rid of Mosquitoes Indoors and Outdoors

Knowing ways to get rid of mosquitoes is getting to be a priority of many individuals today. This is not surprising as this insect is currently in full out force because of the warm weather which allows their eggs to transform into an adult mosquitoes in just less than 1 week. Mosquitoes do infect millions of individuals every year, and hopefully this year, the number of cases would lessen because of the mild winter climate occurring. In North America alone, a total of more than 150 species in North America and 3,000 all over the world.  This pesky insect does not only damper summer fun, but also pose as a great health threat to children and adults as well.

Outdoor Solutions

In making efforts to fight away mosquitoes, outdoor premise inspection is a must. Mosquitoes are very craft insects and find ways to mate and lay their eggs. Small amounts of accumulated water can already be a great nursery for them.

Garden Feeder and Beer – A garden feeder is a perfect tool to use to get rid of mosquitoes, added with simple household liquids. All it takes is a proper mixture and mosquitoes can be driven out easily.

get rid of mosquitoes

Materials Needed:

1/3 beer (stale),

1/3 salt (Epsom)

1/3 mouth wash that have alcohol


After mixing the solution, use the garden feeder to spray the solution down the lawn, patios, bushes, and other areas that can be used for breeding. It is important to do this during the year’s beginning and again by mid of the year. The solution smell a bit weird at first, but dissipates quickly. This has been proven to be a good way to get rid of mosquitoes.

Coffee Ground Use – This method gets rid of mosquito attacks at the source. Used coffee grounds can be sprinkled on standing water wherein mosquitoes are most likely to lay eggs. It forces the insect’s eggs to float towards the surface which deprive it of oxygen. Basically, this method kills the mosquitoes even before hatching. It is also proven that it is completely environment friendly.

get rid of mosquitoes

Dry Ice Bait – Another efficient way to get rid of mosquitoes or at least drive them away is with the use of dry ice. Naturally, mosquitoes are very attracted to what we exhale, particularly (carbon dioxide). To divert their attention, place a piece of dry ice in a pail or bucket near where you are gathering. Dry ice is basically carbon dioxide that is frozen and when it melts, it sends thick carbon dioxide clouds that Mosquitoes love.

get rid of mosquitoes

Red Cedar Chips or Mulch Use – Another way to get rid of mosquitoes outdoors and also improve the overlook look of the yard is with the use of red cedar chips or mulch. The chips can be used normally in the garden or yard areas. The chips can also be brewed like a tea and the liquid produced can be spread with a garden sprayer. Be sure to spray on areas and also walkways where cedar chips can’t be placed.

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Indoor Solutions

To get rid of mosquitoes indoors, it is highly recommended to use only chemical mosquito repellents that contain 30 to 50% DEET if it will only be exposed to adults and only 10 to 30% if it will be used with children 2 months and above of age. These repellents are already proven to be very effective in protecting the skin from mosquito bites.  If in case sunscreen is applied, ensure to apply the repellent over sunscreen as it blocks the repellent’s chemical effects.

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Camphor Solution Repellent

If mosquitoes already invaded your home, another handy and cost effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is by using a small water filled bowl of water and drop a 10 gram camphor tablet to it.   Then place it in a room corner to avoid accidental spills and mosquitoes will suddenly fly away. When it comes to larger rooms, make sure to crush the camphor tablet slightly before dropping it in the water. The same water is also perfect for wiping the floor because it is also a powerful disinfectant. It is important to make sure that the bowl is kept away from children. Compared to other natural products, Camphor tablet is proven to have the lengthiest repellent effect than other natural products.

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Natural Alternative

To get rid of mosquitoes indoors naturally, oil-based repellents can be used. Cinnamon, citronella, and castor oil are just some of the many natural products that can repel mosquitoes. Aside from its pleasant fragrance, it acts as a good repellent for mosquitoes. It doesn’t have plasticizing properties like chemical repellents, which sticks to the skin. For sensitive skin, tea tree oil based repellents reduce greatly the chance of allergic reactions on the skin and even helps in nourishing dry skin.

Net Protection

In high mosquito residence areas, it is highly recommended to use special mosquito netting in order to protect infants, especially those who are 2 months or younger from mosquito bites.  Strong repellents with chemicals are considered dangerous when it comes to the overall health of infants.  The use of mosquito netting can also be beneficial for adults who like to open their windows or doors as they sleep at night.

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Reducing Access

In battling the growing number of mosquitoes in your area, use of screen patches or silicone caulk is perfect in preventing such insects from entering. It is important to make sure that screens that have tears or holes are covered and fixed. To seal, weather stripping products can be used in gaps of doors. Home insect-proofing is a very important step in reducing mosquito access.

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Proper Clothing

In your battle to get rid of mosquitoes, it is important to know that choice of clothing can also play a part in mosquito bite protection. In order to avoid mosquitoes effectively, clothing should always cover most or all parts of the skin. Long-sleeved shirts paired with long pants can and will protect the skin from bites indoors and outdoors. Wearing of black or dark color apparel like red, dark blue, and green should be avoided because dark clothing keeps the body warm attracting more Mosquitoes.

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Proactive Precaution and Protection

Dealing with mosquitoes has been never a light matter, it can and will affect the health of our loved ones. Whether it is chemical or natural, whatever you choose, acting pro-actively and early is a must. To get rid of mosquitoes, acting fast can make a big difference in assuring the health of those around us.