Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hiccups

Hiccups can strike when you least expect it. They can be such an inconvenience most especially when you are trying to start a conversation or just being in public. Hiccups can be explained as sudden spasm of your diaphragm. The question now is how do you get rid of hiccups? This condition has a lot of home made remedies and though most doctors would dismiss these as nonsense, many people have claimed that a method or two has worked for them. These treatments are relatively easy to do and some simply involve proper technique to be effective.

Treatment 1: Deep Breathing

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

What you will want to do is to get as much air into your lungs and body as possible. You need to inhale very deeply and alternatively swallow air without exhaling. When you are at your maximum capacity which means you cannot inhale nor can you swallow anymore, exhale slowly. This should stop the your hiccups.

Treatment 2: Mouth Cover Treatment

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

Place your hands to cover your mouth. Make sure that your nose is covered too. Relief from hiccup should be experienced due to the increased carbon dioxide being inhaled.

Treatment 3: Diaphragm Stretch Treatment

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

Inhale until you are unable to breathe in anymore. Make yourself feel as if you are extending your breath to your stomach. Hold your breath for around half a minute, and then slowly exhale until your lungs are empty. This exercise is done to stretch the diaphragm and stop the hiccups.

Treatment 4: Water Consumption Treatment

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

Get a tall glass of pure drinking water. Take about tens quick sips of water in a row. This action of swallowing should make your body ignore your hiccups enough for it to disappear.

Treatment 5: Peanut Butter Treatment

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

Scoop peanut butter using a tablespoon. Place in your mouth and hold for about 10 seconds. Your saliva should have acted on it and made swallowing easier. As the substance is thick and gooey, your mind will be more focused in bringing that food down instead of your hiccups. As an alternative and a treat for you, you can also use almond butter or chocolate spreads.

Treatment 6: Slowed Eating Treatment

How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups

This is especially effective if you are experiencing repeated bouts of hiccup. Make sure you properly chew your food as rapid eating deprives the stomach time to process the food and as a side effect, hiccups occur.

If after using these treatments and the hiccups are persistent, medical attention should be sought. Your physician may be able to provide you medication to stop this condition. Metoclopramide, Chlorpromazine, and Baclofen are just some of the medication your physician may give to you.

As always prevention is better than cure. To prevent hiccups make sure that you are eating at the right pace. Consume food and drink in the right amounts as well. Any situation where the stomach is unable to process food may lead to hiccups. Breathing exercises and proper fluid intake are also helpful in keeping hiccups away.