Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

In a small population, outside the home, crickets are harmless insects whose sound signifies summertime. However, when it invades and starts infesting your home, it is another story altogether. These insects can go through wood, cloth and paper in record time. If the infestation worsens, they can even damage your walls. The question to be answered here is how to get rid of crickets? It is quite simple really. Try these tactics to keep those crickets from destroying everything in your home.

Treatment 1:  Molasses Treatment

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

This treatment is very easy and effective solution to your cricket problem and what’s great about it is you only need two ingredients, molasses and water and follow the procedure below:

Step 1: In a shallow bowl, place around 4 to 5 spoonfuls of molasses.

Step 2:  Fill the bowl up to its half with water and place it in an area where infestation is visible

This treatment is very effective as crickets are strongly attracted to molasses and will jump into the bowl willingly. Replace the solution as needed.

Treatment 2: Diatomaceous Earth Sprinkle Treatment

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

This treatment only requires you to acquire a diatomaceous earth from your local pest control store. This is simply made up of prehistoric diatoms that have left fossilized shells that are, in turn, crushed into a powder. All you need to do is spread this powder into crevices in your house or wherever area crickets have infested. The powder will dehydrate the insects as it can go through their exoskeleton upon contact.

Treatment 3: The Glue Trap Treatment

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

These are simple traps consisting of paper and a glue substance on it. Place this trap on parts of the house that are greatly affected by these insects, areas such as the doorway, windows, and walls of the basement. These are effective and very safe. This is a very ideal cricket trap for households with small children or pets that may otherwise be allergic to bug spray or other insecticides.

Treatment 4: Vacuum Treatment

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

This treatment is done for the purpose of removing eggs that are laid and left behind by these insects. If you are successful in eradicating the insects themselves by took no notice of the eggs left behind, uncontrolled and recurring infestation is inevitable. Use a vacuum that has a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter or HEPA filter. These filters are capable of sucking the eggs out of any carpet or any surface where these may have been laid. After vacuuming remember to properly and securely seal the bag and immediately throw it.

As a standard in insect infestation prevention, prevention always comes first. Ensure that the areas where infestations are occurring are not too bright. Remember that crickets are attracted to bright light. Use ambient LED lights or bug lights that are readily available in most convenience stores. Remember to remove clutter from your basement; these are attractive hiding spots for these insects. Seal cracks and crevices in your home to prevent the invasion of these species. Finally, cut down your grass regularly, this will stop crickets from nesting near your home and subsequently moving in when colder weather sets in.