Different Techniques on How to Get Rid of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue and methods on how to get rid of scar tissue are common concerns for many people. Primarily, scar tissue is the one that replaces the normal skin once it has been damaged beyond the skin’s first layer. Scar tissue is usually caused by cuts, burns, acne, scrapes, bites, a fungal infection, or a certain type of surgery.

Technically, scar tissue is similar to a healthy skin, however, appears to be different due to the unlikely-arrangement of the fibers within the tissue. It is not painful at all, but a definite beauty concern, especially among women. So, they are open to various options in getting rid of it.

Massage Therapies

Amazing ways on how to get rid of scar tissue include a variety of massage therapies, as long as the wound or cut is already knitted. When the scar tissue is still immature, or towards the full recovery, it is essential that only gentle or mild approach is taken. There are 5 primary massage therapies that can help in getting rid of scar tissue.

  1. Manual Lymph Drainage – This type of massage therapy is capable of optimizing the drainage around the affected area, and enhancing the lymphatic circulation at the same time. The massage therapist performs gentle, circular, and draining motions around the scar. Mostly, the therapist also applies a firm stretch towards the skin, and below and above the scar. The firm stretch motion starts with a straight line, followed by a circular motion. Those are the two drainage techniques. The downward thrust allows the tissue to become softer, whereas the drainage techniques do not hurt nor make the scar red.how to get rid of scar tissue
  2. Myofascial Release – How to get rid of scar tissue with this massage therapy works by easing the constriction of the affected tissue. You can perform this treatment by yourself. Usually, the therapist will stretch the skin towards the scar, placing 2 or 3 fingers where the scar starts, and then stretching the skin above it in a parallel manner. Move the fingers a quarter-inch away from the scar, and then repeat the stretching with the adjacent tissue, working along the scar.how to get rid of scar tissue
  3. Deep Transverse Friction – Deep transverse friction is yet another way on how to get rid of scar tissue. This method prohibits adhesion formation, while rupturing unwanted adhesions simultaneously. It is applied to the lesion directly, and transverse towards the fibers’ direction. It is considered as a deep tissue massage therapy that yields desirable results, both in immature and mature scars.how to get rid of scar tissue
  4. Lubrication – There are massage techniques that make use of a variety of lubricants so as to treat specific conditions. In order to address the issue about how to get rid of scar tissue, lubrication is also performed as it helps in softening the scar and increasing its pliability all at once. The most common lubricants include castor oil, lotion, vitamin E, and other types of oil that prevent scars from re-opening or from drying out.how to get rid of scar tissue
  5. Heat Application – This technique also helps in improving the flexibility and pliability of the scar. Special tools are used along with a certain massage technique. The most common tools in applying heat include ultrasound, moist heat packs, and paraffin wax. This technique is best handled by a certified massage therapist.

how to get rid of scar tissue

Natural Remedies

Certainly, the different massage techniques are great ways on how to get rid of scar tissue, but there are also natural, home remedies that can help in getting rid of scar tissue.

Honey – Using raw, organic honey can help in eliminating scar tissue. It works as a natural moisturizer that primarily works in treating wounds, and stimulating tissue regeneration at the same time. Follow the steps in using honey as a treatment for scars.

how to get rid of scar tissue

  1. In a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  2. Apply on the affected area and massage for 3 minutes.
  3. With a hot washcloth, place it over the affected area.
  4. Once the washcloth has cooled, use it for wiping the area clean.

Lemon – Lemon can also be a treatment for scar tissue as it contains hydroxyl acid that helps in eliminating dead skin cells, while helping in the regrowth of new cells. Lemon can also help in bringing back the elasticity of the skin. It also acts as natural bleach, lightening scars fast. How to get rid of scar tissue with lemon is done through the following steps:

how to get rid of scar tissue

  1. Clean the scar and the surrounding skin thoroughly.
  2. Dip a cotton ball in a bowl of fresh lemon juice.
  3. Gently rub the cotton ball onto the scarred area.
  4. Let it stand between 10 and 12 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Note: The skin may become very sensitive to light after applying lemon. Make sure to wear sunscreen protection after every application, or if you intend to go outdoors.

Aloe Vera – The Aloe Vera plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, reducing skin irritations and removing dead skin cells simultaneously. As a way on how to get rid of scar tissue with Aloe Vera, carefully follow the steps below:

how to get rid of scar tissue

  1. Choose Aloe Vera products in different forms such as lotion, ointment, and a gel. Pick one according to your personal preference.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the Aloe Vera product in the scar tissue directly, several times daily.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a powerful anti-bacterial agent. As long as it is properly used, it can eradicate scars from acne to surgical scars. However, it must be used as diluted, and never be ingested. Be strict enough in following the procedures.

how to get rid of scar tissue

  1. Put a small amount of warm water in a small bowl, adding minute amounts of tea tree oil as well, creating a soap-like mixture.
  2. Use it to wash the affected area, letting it sit for a minute or so.
  3. Rinse thoroughly, and dry it off gently with a clean, cotton cloth or towel.

Warning: There might be a slight stinging or tingling effect after the treatment as the anti-bacterial agent works. Stop using the mixture if stinging persist, and consult with your dermatologist immediately. Try other ways on how to get rid of scar tissue if this happens.

Professional Care

Aside from massage techniques and home remedies, there is also another way to get rid of those ugly scar tissues. You may want to seek professional help as dermatologist would often recommend several options. Laser treatment, Dermabrasion, or a surgical scar revision may be sensible if you want the scar tissue gone in a blast. However, these methods on how to get rid of scar tissue are normally pricey and mostly painful.