Available Methods to Get Rid of Freckles

There are many different methods that you can use to get rid of freckles from the body, both natural remedies and medical procedures that make way for an unblemished, beautiful skin. This article will talk about freckles and how they can be removed with the use of different treatments.

get rid of freckles

Medical Procedures Worth Trying

While freckles are known to eventually go away, there are those who look for options on how to get rid of freckles quickly. Well, not  a lot of people are able to wait until they turn 40 years old for their freckles to finally go away. Thankfully, there are already loads of methods that can be used to remove freckles from the skin and some of the medical procedures that you might be interested in are the following:

  • Laser treatment. If you would ask dermatologists what is the best available method to get rid of freckles, laser treatment would top the list of their answers. Before deciding to go through this method though, make sure that you take a trip to your dermatologist’s office first so that you can be checked and for your doctor to identify if you’ll make a good candidate for this treatment. This method involves the passing of a green laser light over the freckles to remove the abnormal accumulation of the melanin pigment.

get rid of freckles

  • Chemical Peel. What this method to get rid of freckles does is remove the outermost layer of the skin’s surface to make way for a new, softer and smoother skin. This treatment is only administered by a medical professional, usually at a surgery center although this doesn’t take long to finish. You would need to discuss this option thoroughly with your doctor and talk about the possible side effects of the treatment before deciding to go through a chemical peel procedure.

get rid of freckles

  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy. Compared to the first two medical procedures to get rid of freckles, this one’s a fairly new treatment which involves the use of intense broadband light that has the capability of sending energy to the outer layers of the skin thereby removing ugly freckles. Since the skin itself doesn’t get damaged with this treatment, there is no recovery time for Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.

get rid of freckles

  • Cryosurgery. A type of surgery which burns or freezes the freckles, this is usually done with the use of liquid nitrogen. The downside of this treatment is that cryosurgery may not remove all types of freckles so before opting for this procedure, make sure to talk with your doctor if this is suitable for the type of freckles that you’re dealing with.

get rid of freckles

Home Remedies You Can Try

There’s no question about the efficacy of the abovementioned medical treatments but they can be very expensive for some people. If you are not willing to spend a lot of money to get rid of freckles, you might consider removing them with natural treatments that are mostly available in your home. Some of them are as follows:

  • Lemon Juice. An effective natural bleaching agent, this can be directly applied on the freckles to lighten them and make them disappear quickly. If this feels too strong on the skin, you can add some yogurt on it then apply on the area that needs to be treated. Leave this on skin for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with water.

get rid of freckles

  • Do you know that the very healthy buttermilk can also be used in lightening the skin and making freckles fade away? What you have to do is make a soothing buttermilk compress and cover it on the affected skin areas. Leave the compress on the face for a few minutes then wash it off with warm water.
  • Sour Cream. This product contains lactic acid which is very helpul in removing frekcles. Just apply some sour cream over the affected skin area then allow it to penetrate on the freckles until it dries up. Skip washing and dry your skin with water, gently wipe it with a clean towel or a soft tissue. Use this method to get rid of freckles every day until you notice that your freckles are already gone.
  • Warm a mixture of honey and water in a small bowl then apply this over the area that needs to be treated. Leave this to settle on the skin for some time before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. An alternate method of using honey to get rid of freckles is mixing wheat germ and warmed up honey then applying it directly over the freckles. Leave this on the affected area for 10-15 minutes then wash it off first with lukewarm water then another with cold water.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Freckles

It’s always said that prevention is better than cure which holds true for freckles because the medical treatments are very costly. It doesn’t mean that since you can’t do so much about freckles that can occur because of genes, you would just allow them to damage your skin. Some preventive measures can help and among those that you can do are listed below:

get rid of freckles

  • Make it a habit to apply sun-protection while you’re young.
  • Use a sunscreen with SPF value that matches the environmental conditions around you.
  • Apply sunscreen on all the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun because freckles can appear anywhere.
  • Avoid going outside between 10am and 4pm because these are the times when the heat of the sun is at its strongest.
  • Wear a hat and try to stay in shade as much as you can if you can’t help but spend more time outdoors.
  • Eat food rich in Vitamin C for help on how to get rid of freckles and prevent new ones from developing.

If Freckles Won’t Go Away

While many people who tried the abovementioned methods to get rid of freckles have attested that they were able to say goodbye to freckles, there may be some who won’t be able to totally remove them. If you still have freckles despite the measures you tried, it may be best to just cover them up with makeup. A good foundation or concealer which matches your skin tone should help hide the visible unwanted spots in your body.