A Guide to Getting Rid of Warts With Duct Tape

There are many different methods for getting rid of warts, a lot of them offering temporary solution only. There are treatments that require multiple sessions to remove  lesions from the skin completely including eletrodessication, cryosurgery, laser treatment and surgical curettage. These methods on removing warts entail spending of quite a large sum of money so these are not the right fix for those who don’t have a lot of money to spare.  Using a duct tape to get rid of warts is one of the most effective, inexpensive treatments that can be used instead of the conventional methods. How to use it for warts? Keep reading.

getting rid of warts

Instructions for Getting Rid of Warts with Duct Tape

Before anything else, you’ll need to clean the skin surrounding the warts because this remedy will require for the full covering of the skin around the warts for days at a time. Dirt should be removed from the skin to avoid pimples and blemishes.

getting rid of warts

  1. Allow the skin to dry completely. To prevent dirt from getting trapped between the duct tape and your skin, you shouldn’t start the process of getting rid of warts if there’s still moisture in your skin. Aside from possibly irritating the skin because of the moisture, you would also want the duct tape to tightly grip your skin so make sure that it’s completely dry after cleaning.
  1. Cut a piece of duct tape. When cutting a piece, make sure that it is enough to totally cover the wart. Lay this over the wart and press the tape firmly making sure that it tightly grips the skin. For best results, make use of a regular grey duct tape because a clear one has been proven to not end up as effective as the standard variety.
  1. Keep the duct tape in place for six days. Getting rid of warts with this method may take some time for you to finally see the warts fall off. In some cases, it takes a week but most of the time, it takes up to two months. Within the 6-day period, replace the duct tape as soon as you can in case it falls off.
  1. Remove the duct tape after 6 days. On the evening of the 6th day, remove the duct tape and check your wart. In case it appears worse than it was before or if your warts look irritated, stop the use of the tape and take a trip to your doctor or dermatologist right away. It they’re looking good then proceeed to the next step.
  1. Soak warts in warm water. In this step of getting rid of warts, you may soak the affected area directly into a wash basin or use a soft cloth in soaking them with warm water. Either way, it should be okay in preparation to the 6th step.
  1. Scrape the warts lightly. Use a gentle abrasive like an emery board or pumice stone to scrape them. What you’ll be doing is basically just file away the dead wart tissues and this process is referred to as ‘debriding’. It would be a lot easier to get rid of the dead tissues if you’ve soaked the skin in warm water prior to scraping the warts. In case you feel pain at any point in the process, stop. If not, continue with debriding then soak the affected area with bleach and water afterwards.
  1. Expose the warts the whole night. Do not re-apply duct tape right away after scraping the warts but allow the skin to dry out and rest. On the 6th night though, make sure that you don’t rub, scratch or touch your warts or they can spread in the different parts of your body. Examine your wart and check if there’s any progress on the process you’ve made on getting rid of warts. Apply another piece of duct tape on the them the next morning.
  1. Repeat all steps until your warts are completely gone. Continue performing the above steps in getting rid of warts, applying duct tape in the morning and leaving it on the affected area for six days then allowing the skin to rest for the night and re-applying duct tape the next morning. Your warts should gradually recede and before you know it, you’ve already gotten rid of them

Benefits and Drawbacks of Duct Tape Treatment

With a lot of options on getting rid of warts, why do many people use the duct tape treatment? For one, it’s much more convenient and painless compared to other treatments like cyrotherapy just to name one. Also, it is much cheaper and lastly,  the duct tape treatment has relatively high success rate among kids and teens.

getting rid of warts

As for the drawbacks, there are a few things that can be pointed out. For one, it doesn’t work as effectively in case of warts for adults. Another drawback is that it can lead to the reddening of the skin because of lack of aeration and continuous pressure applied on the affected area. Lastly, this method of getting rid of warts can be a slow process sometimes that require a great deal of patience on the affected person’s part. Other treatments only require a few days to fully get rid of warts but the duct tape method can take two months for the affected person to finally notice positive results.

Just a note in this method of getting rid of warts, do not attempt to treat warts with duct tape for those that are located in the genital areas as this condition should only be attended to by a medical professional.

If Warts Don’t Get Any Better

Follow the steps on getting rid of warts with duct tape for a maximum of two months and if after this timeframe your warts don’t get any better, see your doctor. It could be that what you have are especially hardy warts. Don’t worry if they don’t get better or seem to get worse because there are many options for removal like cryosurgery and laser treatment that you can go through too.

getting rid of warts