How to Get Rid of White Heads

Are you looking for ways on how to get rid of white heads? Lucky for you, here are some of the proven and effective remedies to get rid of whiteheads. Primarily, whiteheads are types of acne, which are formed due to clogged bacteria, dead skin cells, or sebum oil on the skin. Thus, they turn into white pustules. Whiteheads usually occur on the face, especially on the nose, cheeks, temple, and around the brow.

Why the Need to Get of Whiteheads?

There are many ways and products on how to get rid of white heads, but despite how easy or difficult the steps are, it is necessary to eradicate them. Why, because whiteheads, like blackheads and acne, can also spoil your overall appearance. Remember that the skin is the most-exposed organ of the body, thus, having a clear, healthy and radiant skin is of utmost priority.

Regular Facial Wash

How to Get Rid of White Heads

In order to get rid of whiteheads, it is primary to wash your face, at least twice a day. Whiteheads normally develop due to excessive secretion of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells on the face. Thus, you can get rid of these buildups by washing your face thoroughly. Make use of a non-oily facial wash in the morning, and before bedtime. Do not use harsh skin care products, and avoid washing your face vigorously. Washing your face more than twice is not the best way on how to get rid of white heads. Excessive washing can irritate and dry out your skin, causing more production and oil, and of course more whiteheads.

Salicylic Acid

How to Get Rid of White Heads

Try using salicylic acid to get rid of whiteheads. This type of product can help in killing bacteria, but only on the skin’s surface. Salicylic acid also helps in slowing down the shedding of skin cells through the hair follicles, while preventing clogged pores all at once. This is available either in cream or ointment form. Make sure to apply salicylic acid only on the affected area, preventing the surrounding skin, and only before bedtime.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide has many uses aside from treating acne. Since whiteheads are also caused by bacteria, this product can equally act as a treatment. Benzoyl peroxide can address the issue on how to get rid of white heads, but keep in mind that it comes in varied strengths. If you have sensitive skin, purchase the lowest strength, ensuring that you only apply the product on the affected areas. Do not use the product on hair and clothing as it has a bleaching property.

Retinoid Cream and Gel

How to Get Rid of White Heads

Retinoid cream or gel is the one-stop solution in getting rid of not only whiteheads, but also many sorts of skin problems like scars, discolorations, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. Use retinoid cream or gel twice a day, one in daytime and one before bedtime, only on the affected skin area. Today, there are also retinoid products that can be taken orally, thus, consult with your dermatologist before doing so.

Whiteheads Extraction

How to Get Rid of White Heads

In order to alleviate your problem on how to get rid of white heads, you can make an appointment with your dermatologist for a whiteheads extraction procedure. Throughout this process, the practitioner will make use of sterilized instrument called the “comedone extractor” in eliminating the build-up of dead skin cells and sebum on your skin. You can also buy the tool from beauty supply stores and perform the extraction by yourself. However, proper extraction of whiteheads is very essential, otherwise, it might cause scarring. Also, never use your fingernails to squeeze out whiteheads as it can lead to irritation, scarring, and acne.

Facial Steaming

How to Get Rid of White Heads

Although there are highly-accessible products you can use on how to get rid of white heads, you can also facial steaming at home. Simply steam your face over a rice steamer or any other kitchen ware with boiling water, for at least two minutes. Grab a clean cotton cloth and dab it onto the whiteheads gently, yet firmly pressed manner. Do this procedure once a day, twice or thrice a week.


How to Get Rid of White Heads

Facial scrub is yet another effective way on how to get rid of white heads. Search for easy and effective, homemade facial scrub on the internet. An oatmeal scrub can work well as a facial scrub treatment. Or simply purchase homemade scrubs such as honey-lemon scrub or a coffee sugar scrub. Use the product twice a day, rubbing it on your face, more vigorously in the area with whiteheads. Remember that it is important to be religious in using the same kind of facial scrub all throughout to see better results.

Try to Use Tomatoes

How to Get Rid of White Heads

As organic as it sounds, tomatoes are also helpful on how to get rid of white heads. Tomatoes are used by many people as the best home remedy for skin treatment. Just grab a few ripe tomatoes, squeeze gently, and apply the pulp all over your face, but more so in areas with acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Tomatoes have astringent properties, rich in vitamin C, and help treat dull skin simultaneously. Do this on a daily basis, acting as your alternative facial scrub.

Fenugreek Leaves

How to Get Rid of White Heads

Another natural remedy on how to get rid of white heads would be the Fenugreek leaves. If these are available in your own garden, then simply grab several leaves and mash them until you create a paste-like mixture. Otherwise, you can buy a Fenugreek leaves mask in nearby beauty stores. Apply the mask onto the whole face evenly, leaving it overnight. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water. Do this procedure thrice a week, with a 2-day interval.


Over and above, you can rely on different products and methods in getting rid of whiteheads and other skin problems. However, it is also important to determine the severity of your skin condition and consult with a certified dermatologist before making any decision or using any product as other conditions could require complex medical procedures. Nonetheless, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, including the intake of adequate water can alleviate issues about how to get rid of white heads and other skin problems.

How to Get Rid of White Heads