How to Get Rid of Gas

Are you troubled by gas and the inevitable stomach knotting pain that goes with it that made you wish you knew how to get rid of gas? Most of us have already been troubled by the bloating feeling in the pit of our tummies that happens if we eat too much fiber rich food, let inside too much air when taking in food and not thoroughly digesting whatever we take in. Gas pain can also be brought about by staying on an empty stomach for a long time thereby allowing the creation of a vacuum inside the stomach. At times, it can be a result of taking in aerated drinks. Regardless of the reason why you’re trouble by gas pain, what matters is how you get rid of it.

Natural Home Remedies

When carrying out remedies, you don’t have to buy over-the-counter medicines or call you doctor right away because there are a lot of natural methods on how to get rid of gas pain. The treatments that you can try are simple and here some of them:

  1. Garlic clove and clarified butter. Roast 1-2 garlic cloves in a pan with 1 tsp of clarified butter for a minute or two or until the garlic turns brown. Clarified butter is one of the most popular ingredients in Asian households that is considered very important in Ayurveda medicine and garlic is known as an excellent digestive product. Bite and swallow the garlic to get rid of gas pains.
    How to Get Rid of Gas
  1. Hot water. This is one of the best treatments that those who are looking for information on how to get rid of gas should try. Just warm a glass of water and drink all of it. This will help in building pressure so that you’ll get to pass motions and bring out gas relief to the stomach at the same time.
    How to Get Rid of Gas
  1. Fenugreek and water. Not only will this provide gas relief but also remove pains and aches in the body. Heat a glass of water to the temperature that you’re comfortable to swallow with ease. It shouldn’t be lukewarm but hot. Put a spoonful of fenugreek in your mouth and bit them two to three times then swallow it.

Ways to Avoid Gas Pains

As always, prevention is better than cure so if you’re able to make changes in your diet and get rid of some food groups, the chances that you’ll experience gas pains will be lessened. Some ways on how to avoid gas pains are listed below so keep reading.

  1. Chew your food well. One of the reasons why a person gets troubled with gas pains is because of not chewing food well enough before swallowing. Not starting the digestion process will lead to the buildup of gas so take time to thoroughly chew food next time. This method on how to get rid of gas is very easy to follow, right?
    How to Get Rid of Gas
  1. Change your diet. If you’re used to consuming large meals of carboydrates, sugars and fatty food, you might want to cut down on them and eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Those food are responsible for absorption problem that produce much more gas in your body than other food.
    How to Get Rid of Gas
  1. Cut down on smoking and chewing gum. Most of the gas expelled by other people usually come as an outcome of swalloing because of smoking or chewing gum that introduces gas that the body cannot absorb thus relesed in the form of gas. If you can’t stop them, at least reduce them to get rid of gas pains.
    How to Get Rid of Gas

Which Method Suits You Best

With so many options on how to get rid of gas, which is the one that suits you best? It can be difficult to point out just one method so what you can do is experiement to find out which is best for you and then apply it. What’s important is that you avoid synthetic medicines if the problem isn’t worse because the home remedies above can surely help you get rid of gas pains.